Sixth Form


The study of A level Chemistry should be a practical experience for students. This course contains practical activities embedded within each unit aims to reflect the nature of Chemistry. This will increase students’ enjoyment and understanding, together with providing them with the skills needed to study science at higher levels.
The course enables contemporary Chemistry contexts to be included in the teaching and learning programme. Students will study aspects of Chemistry that are often in the media and affect their lives. It is important that students have the necessary knowledge and understanding to explain many different aspects of physical, inorganic and organic Chemistry


Why is it a useful qualification?

Chemistry A level is one of the most demanding A-Level subjects and requires a high level of determination. It is a pre-requisite for many degree courses and careers, such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science and pharmacology. It is also an advantage in a wide range of areas from accountancy to journalism.



Mr Akmol Khan

Head of Chemistry

Mr Khan has been teaching Science and Chemistry for the last 17 years and has had a number of roles, ranging from Head of Science to Head of KS5. He studied for his undergraduate degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry in Queen Mary, University of London followed by his teaching qualification at University College London (UCL), Institute of Education. 


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