Local Advisory Board

Introduction to the Local Advisory Board

This year Jumeirah College has introduced a new Local Advisory Board. GEMS remain the owners and corporate governors of the school. The purpose of this new body is to create a smaller body which can uphold the school’s vision and values, advise and support the school on matters of strategy and policy and hold the school leadership accountable for standards and performance. The Local Advisory Board meet frequently throughout the year. They are getting to know the parent community and opportunities for parents to meet the Local Advisory Board members will be advertised. Part of their role is to make sure that the views of all parts of the College community are considered by the school. Currently the Local Advisory Board has six members from the Jumeirah College community, including myself, and it is the expectation that this will grow over time. 

Scheduled LAB Meetings for 2019-20

Meeting 1: Thursday November 21, 2019

Meeting 2: Thursday February 20, 2020

Meeting 3: Thursday May 28, 2020

Location: Conference Room 2, GWA Campus

Times: 3:30pm to 5:30pm

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