art and design

Sixth Form


The A-Level Art and Design course has been designed to encourage an adventurous and enquiring approach to art and design. Successful students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of past and contemporary art and design practice and be able to produce artwork that embraces a range of ideas. Students will explore past and contemporary Art and Design, analysing the works of artists and designers and will use a journal/sketchbook as the integral part for recording and documenting their responses and own ideas.


Why is A-level Art and Design a useful qualification?

Many students decide to explore more aspects within the course and progress to an art foundation course at a college or university to build on this route further and specialise in a particular aspect of Art and Design at degree level. The completion of an Art degree, could lead to a range of career options in such fields as advertising, marketing, design, architecture, teaching, publishing, fashion, and the media. The study of Art develops transferable skills, which can be taken into many careers or degree pathways.



Ms Sarah Jackson

Head of Art

Sarah’s focus is to provide diverse and engaging curriculum lessons along with a variety of extra curricular opportunities for all ages and abilities. In addition, the introduction of the JC Arts Captain, has allowed our young people to develop their leadership skills.


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