Awards and Accreditations

Jumeirah College is in the top 1% of A Level and GCSE providers globally

Alps has placed Jumeirah College in the top 1% of A Level and GCSE providers globally. Through added value, data confirms that Jumeirah College helps students achieve their highest possible potentials.

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Jumeirah College has been rated Outstanding for the 10th consecutive year

Over the last couple of years, the success of the students at Jumeirah College has attracted significant attention from both within the UAE and internationally. We are proud to celebrate our numerous awards and accreditation over the years.

DSIB Reports

DSIB Report 2022-23 remains the same as the previous year. Overall school performance: OUTSTANDING. Jumeirah College has been rated outstanding since 2010.

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British Schools Overseas Inspection Report

The BSO inspection was completed in 2023.

In summary, the report outlines the outstanding quality of education the College provides for our students.

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Academic Success

Please click on the links below to view our outstanding results:

Examination Results 2017 - 2023

JC Examination Results 2018 (PDF Format)

JC Examination Results 2017 (PDF Format)

JC Examination Results 2016 (PDF Format)

JC Examination Results 2015 (PDF Format)

JC Examination Results 2014 (PDF Format)

Which School Advisor 

Which School Advisor is the world's leading independent school reviews based web site, with in-depth analysis of the world's leading international private schools.

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Duke Of Edinburgh's International Award

Bronze, silver & gold award

At Jumeirah College we have a thriving community of students from Year 10 and above working towards the three levels of the International Awards. The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is highly regarded as it encourages students to gain a myriad of new skills and develop their independence, resilience and collaboration with others.

Bronze & Silver Awards:

There are 4 sections of the award that need to be completed:

  • Community Service
  • Physical Recreation
  • Skill

Expeditions – UAE (Bronze), UAE or Kenya (Silver), Nepal (Gold)

Mr Zafar Noor 

[email protected]

Gold Award:

A Residential Project is an additional section for anyone completing the Gold Award.

For further information about the award, visit the website: or email the International Award Coordinators for further information about the award at Jumeirah college:

Mr Zafar Noor 

[email protected]


Like all GEMS schools, Jumeirah College is accredited to a number of internationally acclaimed education organisations, reflecting our commitment to providing an internationally recognised leading standard of education.

We are proud to be recognised by:

  • AQA
  • BSME
  • Cambridge Assessment
  • CES
  • Edexcel
  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
  • WJEC
  • CBAC
  • COBIS (Council of British International Schools)
  • BSME (British Schools in the Middle East)
  • BSO (British Schools Overseas)