Sixth Form


What are the aims of the course?

A Level Music from Edexcel aims to deliver a rounded course where students continue to expand their knowledge and skills in the three main areas of the subject; performance, composition and musicology.


What is involved?

This course requires you to be creative, critical and knowledgeable about a range of music, genres and contextual issues. You have to compose two pieces of music, one is a free brief and the other is set to a compositional technique such as Bach Chorales or Two Part counterpoint. In addition you have to perform an 8-minute recital on your first instrument. Finally you have to analyse 6 areas of study, each with their own set works.


Why is it a useful qualification?

If you are considering a career in the performing arts industries, studying music at A Level will provide you with a wealth of holistic personal attributes. Music A Level requires you to think
critically, be confident and be creative, all of which are skills looked for by every university and employer in the modern world. 
Successful Music students go on to read subjects such as Performing Arts, English, Business Studies and Economics at university. A variety of careers rely on the core elements of confidence, leadership, creativity and decision making, all of which are integral to studying Music A Level.



Ms Sophie Wetherell

Head of Geography

Although a classically trained musician, Sophie caught the ‘Musical Theatre bug’ whilst at school and directed her first musical whilst a student in Y13 – Blood Brothers.  Since then she has been Musical Director for a number of amateur, semi-professional and school productions, including West Side Story, Les Miserables, The Sound of Music, Billy Elliot and The Wizard of Oz.



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