physical education

Sixth Form


This course aims to enhance a student’s knowledge and understanding of the factors which affect performance and participation in Sport and Physical Education. The course covers a broad range of topics which are relevant to sporting and physical activity; these include physiological and psychological factors, as well as addressing contemporary issues such as the use of technology, ergogenic aids including performance enhancing drugs and the increasing commercialisation of sport. Students will be expected to take part in sporting or physical activities for the college on a regular basis and to maintain a high level of fitness. They should also be aware of current issues and developments in sport, for example regularly reading online/newspaper reports.


Why is it a useful qualification?

There are now a variety of degree courses linked to sport including sports science, sports studies, sports psychology, sports business and marketing. There is a coaching and leading element to the course which enables students to maintain life long involvement in sport. Sport is now a huge global industry with many more varied career opportunities than in previous



Ms Emma Davies

Head of Physical Education

Emma graduated from Loughborough University in 2001 and has been teaching Physical Education since then. She has been employed at Jumeirah College since 2015 and prior to that taught at a secondary school in Derby, England. In her time at Jumeirah College, Emma has held a number of responsibilities including Head of Year, Head of Girls’ PE, Head of PE and also Achievement Coordinator.




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