Fees and Payments

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Fees and Payments

We endeavour to make our payment process as easy as possible with a range of simple and straightforward payment options, as well as a clear, concise fee structure. You’ll find everything you need to know about our fees and payment process here. Of course, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Telephone: +971 4 395 5524

Email: [email protected]

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Enrolment-related Fees

New Students:

Registration Deposit : 

A registration deposit of 10% of the total tuition fee will also be due upon the acceptance of the Offer Letter. The Admission fee is non-refundable but adjustable against the total tuition fee for the academic year.

Existing Students:

Re-registration Deposit:

This deposit is payable at the time of re-enrollment to guarantee a place for the following academic year. The re-registration deposit is 5% of the total tuition fees and is deductible from the total tuition fees for the academic year. Please note this is a non-refundable deposit. 


Fee Structure for Academic Year 2024-2025*


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Year Annual Fee Term Fees Term Fees Term Fees
  (AED) Sept 2024 (AED) Jan 2025 (AED) April 2025 (AED)
7 77,133 30,855 23,139 23,139
8 77,133
30,855 23,139 23,139
9 77,133
30,855 23,139 23,139
10 86,774 34,710 26,032 26,032
11 86,774 34,710 26,032 26,032
12 96,415 38,567 28,924 28,924
13 96,415 38,567 28,924 28,924

Tuition fees are paid termly and in advance.

Additional fees are payable, which include providing for uniform, educational visits and learning support needs, if such individual needs are identified by the Jumeirah College Support for Learning Department, Examination and Transport fees are invoiced separately.

*Please note that fees are subject to change in consultation with the Ministry of Education. 

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Tuition Fees Discounts

FAB GEMS Credit Card

Please find below the new discount fee structure for parents with regard to the Advance Tuition Fee Discount scheme on GEMS Co-brand Credit card for 2024-2025.

Fee cycle Payment due date Payment Period Fixed rate % No. of monthly fees in advance
Term 1 On or before 31 August 2024 Full year fees 4.25% 10 months
On or before 31 August 2024 1st and 2nd term fees 3.00% 7 months
On or before 31 August 2024 1st term fees 1.50% 4 months
Term 2 On or before 31 December 2024 2nd and 3rd term fees 2.50% 6 months
On or before 31 December 2024 2nd term fees 1.25% 3 months
Term 3 On or before 31 March 2025 3rd term fees 1.25% 3 months

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