Energetic & Innovative

Meet Our Team

All of our teaching staff are extremely well qualified with relevant UK experience and are selected for their abilities to create a motivational environment. Energetic and innovative, our team of teachers have a proven track record of motivating students to progress and work to their best levels.

Our on-going programme of professional development ensures that our teachers are up to date with the latest teaching methodologies. Many of our teachers are involved in projects and developmental work that is at the forefront of e-learning.

As part of our teaching philosophy, we expect teachers at the school to:

  • Actively engage students in their own learning
  • Systematically develop students learning skills so that they become increasingly independent
  • Use assessment for learning techniques to help students to reflect on what they know and to set targets for the future
  • Have high expectations of what students can achieve
  • Use stimulating activities in well paced lessons
  • Create a purposeful atmosphere that promotes good learning

Meet our Team