British Curriculum

Offering a world-class education founded on an elaborated National Curriculum for England (NCfE)

Jumeirah College offers The National Curriculum for England taught by fully qualified and experienced staff. The school has earned a deserved reputation for high academic standards. At all levels, students at Jumeirah College have earned high marks in external assessment tests and exams.

The student body is multi-cultural with members from more than 59 countries represented. The majority however are British passport holders and all lessons are taught in English. Students are prepared for the Key Stage SATs, GCSE examinations, AS and A2 levels and ultimately for universities of their choice. Whilst maintaining a sharp academic focus at the College we also endeavour to develop well-rounded students who are prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.

Registered Examination Centre

Jumeirah College is registered with the DfE, Department for Education in London as an overseas school and as an examination centre for all the U.K examination boards.

Recognising Achievement

Throughout the College we seek opportunities to recognise and celebrate students' achievements. Merits, subject awards, letters of commendation, effort certificates, trophies, cups and medals all ensure that as many students as possible have a tangible reward for their efforts and achievement. 


Individual Attention

Throughout all Year Groups, students in Jumeirah College receive individual attention, helping students to realise their potential. This is done through a variety of ways that include, individual assessment and establishment of personal targets, the use of learning support assistants, Form Tutors and when appropriate, differentiated work.

Target Setting

Jumeirah College is at the forefront of educational practice in the way it uses the information from the assessment tests to set targets for each student to track their progress on a regular basis. This strategy provides a powerful motivator for students and helps students learn the importance of working towards specific goals. Parents and teachers too, are provided with a realistic basis for assessing the progress and achievement of each student.

Service Standards

Parents receive priority attention in an open and friendly environment that promotes open communication between College, parents and students. Frontline personnel are available to provide information and assistance to parents and to make each interaction with the College a pleasant one.

Support for Learning

The Support for Learning Department offers a range of support to students with a broad spectrum of learning styles and challenges. Our Learning Centre is positioned in the heart of the College to reflect our philosophy of integration and individual support. All students with special learning needs have their difficulties addressed by our team of committed teachers and Support for Learning assistants.

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