As in GCSE History, you will learn by using a variety of techniques, from structured written responses, to source analysis, use of original film and documentary footage, discussions and debates. More emphasis is placed on your own wider reading and research; your skills as an independent learner will be further developed.


What is involved?

During the course you will learn:
• About the significance of events, individuals, issues and societies in history
• How and why societies have changed over time
• About the theories of historians and the language that they use to discuss their ideas
• To understand the nature of historical evidence and the methods used by historians to analyse and evaluate it
• To develop an understanding of how the past has been interpreted and represented
• To express your own historical ideas confidently and effectively


Why is it a useful qualification?

Students who study A –Level History have access to a wide range of career and higher education opportunities. The skills acquired during the course are recognised and valued by employers, universities and colleges. History at A –Level provides an excellent foundation for a number of popular careers including law, journalism, teaching, business, civil service, archaeology and information management.




Mrs Emily Griffin

Head of History

She joined Jumeirah College in 2022 working as Head of History and Politics. Incredibly passionate about both subjects, and committed to the vital importance of History in shaping the critical thinkers of tomorrow, she works to instill a love of the patterns and complexities of history, and trace their intersections with contemporary politics.


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