Sixth Form



To teach students the skills of debate, research, arguing a case and to provide them with greater political and global awareness. To prepare students who are going on to study Politics, Law, Journalism, History and PPE at university.


Why is it a useful qualification?

Who should study politics, and why? The short answer is that everyone should study politics. All members of society should have a better understanding of the general rules under which they live.

However, certain students will undoubtedly find politics more exciting than others.

What makes politics different as an academic subject is it’s emphasis on debate, discussion and argument. Facts and values are so closely entwined in politics that it is often impossible to prise them apart. Politics is therefore particularly likely to suit students who:
• Have an interest in the world around them - ones who want to know more about the society they live in, how it works and how it could work
• Enjoy debate, discussion and argument - ones who are comfortable with the fact that in politics there are no simple ‘rights’ or ‘wrongs’
• Like to think for themselves - ones who want to develop their own views, rather than accept the views of others The skills gained in Government and Politics through debate, discussion and extended writing are highly valued by employers, and often lead to careers in finance, education, politics, civil service and international relations.



Mrs Emily Griffin

Head of Politics

She joined Jumeirah College in 2022 working as a Head of History and Politics. Incredibly passionate about both subjects, and committed to the vital importance of History in shaping the critical thinkers of tomorrow, she works to instill a love of the patterns and complexities of history, and trace their intersections with contemporary politics.




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