Inclusion for all students

Inclusive education is not a project or an initiative. It is the progressive development of attitudes, behaviours, systems and beliefs that enable inclusive education to become a norm that underpins school culture and is reflected in the everyday life of the school community.”

(Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework, p.53)

Jumeirah College Inclusion Policy 

Jumeirah College is an inclusive school which welcomes students with a wide variety of special educational needs. For further information about the admissions process please refer to the Admissions Policy.

JC Learner Profile
The Learner Profile is a cornerstone of inclusive support for both students and teachers alike in Jumeirah College. Students with additional educational needs and SEND are provided with this informative resource. Student voice is a key component of this process in collaboration with their parents. This provides teachers with a personalised pathway in order to support their students effectively.

Parent voice is welcomed and an open-door policy is in place. Parents are encouraged to work collaboratively with the inclusion department. Regular events are held by the Head of Inclusion to foster positive partnerships with parents.

Continuous professional development is facilitated by the Head of Inclusion, this results in a highly skilled staff with a positive mindset towards inclusion. Teachers in Jumeirah College provide differentiated learning opportunities, multisensory methodologies, engaging lessons to spark students’ interests and multiple means of representation. We understand that many students face different challenges in their learning journey, but all can fulfil and surpass their potential with effective methods and support.

Student Support
In Jumeirah College we have a deeply committed student support team, comprised of the Head of Inclusion, School Counsellor, Head of Year and Pastoral Vice Principal/Head of 6th Form. We take a holistic approach towards supporting our students, focusing on our students’ challenges, academic progress and emotional wellbeing.

Ensuring Progress
Students in Jumeirah College have access to high quality pastoral, teaching and learning support to assist them make value added progress. Regular data sweeps, reports, meetings and classroom observations help identify if there are any challenges to this progress. The Head of Inclusion works to ensure all teachers have the relevant strategies to support all students progress in their lessons. Jumeirah College has regular PTC to ensure all parents are aware of the progress their children are making.

Wider Community
Jumeirah College works closely alongside the wider community and external agencies.

If you are the parent of a student with any additional needs, or who may be experiencing barriers to learning please do contact the Head of Inclusion directly. Contact details are below.
[email protected]

Fionnuala Nic Conmara

Ms Fionnuala Nic Conmara

Head of Inclusion


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