Jewels of Kindness and Respect at Jumeirah College

Jewels of Kindness

At GEMS we care about Values Education and seek to encourage our students to grow and develop their personal and interpersonal qualities.  Of particular importance is the development of values in the home, a number of which fall under the core value of Kindness. Therefore we have developed GEMS Jewels of Kindness as a means of encouraging students to think about being Kind (Respectful, Empathetic, Helpful and Compassionate are all kind qualities).

To carry this initiative in Jumeirah College, students will be recognised fortnightly, following nominations received from teachers, peers, members of staff and parents, based on acts of kindness that go above and beyond the expected good manners such as:

  • Supporting a peer through a difficult time
  • Helping out with something above and beyond
  • Showing kindness to someone that needs it
  • Charitable work
  • Community work
  • Supporting those less able
  • Showing kindness to our support team

Parents are welcome to nominate their children via this link.

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