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Physics is the study of everything from the very small to the very large. It focuses on improving our detailed understanding of nature's most fundamental laws and on using basic principles to explain the remarkable complexity observed in natural phenomena. The practice of Physics is equally broad.


Some physicists focus on deep, abstract ideas concerning the laws of nature, while others apply Physics to make practical innovations in technology. The A Level Physics qualification provides further progression from the Key Stage 4 ideas and concepts and enables students to sustain and develop an interest in Physics and its applications.


Why is it a useful qualification?

The study of Physics is a discipline of problem solving and critical thinking, skills that are essential for success in many fields. There is a high regard for the qualification as it demonstrates that you are a highly able, versatile and dedicated student; traits that are very attractive to universities and employers alike.

Learning about the big ideas and latest discoveries in Physics can stimulate a lifetime’s interest and lead to work in an extremely wide array of future career options from IT and Engineering to Medicine and Finance.



Mr David Hagar

Head of Physics

Bachelor Degree




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