The GCE Geography AQA course aims to excite students minds, challenge perceptions and stimulate investigation and analytical skills. The course aims to be flexible and familiar - building on the skills and knowledge students have acquired from IGCSE, enjoyable and rewarding, relevant and topical and to prepare students for higher education and employment.
The course has a strong foundation for understanding two main themes: human geography and physical geography. Human geography deals with how people and the environment interact and the way we exist. It also looks at how people and groups move and live in the world around us. Students will have the opportunity to discuss current global and local issues whilst exploring the topics such as global systems and global governance, changing places and population and the environment. 

Physical geography, on the other hand, is all about the scientific aspects of our world, with an emphasis on how we can manage them. Students will have opportunity to explore topics such as water and carbon cycles, hazards and coastal systems and landscapes.


Why is it a useful qualification?

Geography is, and has always been, considered an excellent A level as it encompasses the arts and the sciences. It broadens a person’s view of the world, shows understanding of different cultures and the variety of landscapes found on the planet. It is often accepted as a Science A level for many degrees and marries well with almost all of the other subjects on offer at school. Following a degree within the vast family of Geography and related subjects graduates can find themselves in a variety of professions including: climatologist, emergency management, GIS specialist, marketing, real estate appraisal, writer/researcher, demographer, environmental management, urban planner, surveyor, transport management, geologist, teacher, glaciologist and travel expert.


 Suzie White

Ms Suzie White

Head of Geography

Suzie completed her undergraduate course reading Geography at the University of Brighton in 2007. Inspired to become a teacher she applied and participated in the teaching associate programme in the United Kingdom gaining valuable first-hand experience of teaching within Tideway Comprehensive School. 


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