Sixth Form


What are the aims of the course?

Sociology examines changes in society and differences between social groups. For example, why are there gender differences in educational achievement? And why do some ethnic groups achieve higher grades than others? You will also study families and households and how these have changed over time. For example, exploring why divorce rates are six times higher today than 50 years ago.


What is involved?

• You will develop knowledge and a critical understanding of modern society, including injustice and social changes
• You will enjoy using sociological perspectives and terminology in classroom debate
• You will understand and evaluate sociological methodology and a range of research methods through active involvement in the research process
• You will readily relate what you learn to your own life, roles and responsibilities
• You will develop a lifelong interest in social issues.

Why is it a useful qualification?

Sociology is regarded as a skills subject. It provides an excellent foundation for a huge variety of degrees and careers. Past students have gone on to study law, psychology, anthropology, politics, economics and even medicine. Having completed an A-level in Sociology, you will be seen as highly skilled in carrying out research, debating and written analysis.



Ms Lucy Johnson

Head of Sociology

Lucy graduated from the University of Worcester with a BSc in Psychology in 2001. She then followed her passion for Psychology and completed an MSc in Applied Occupational Psychology at Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, after which she began working as an Occupational Psychologist in the UK, utilising her qualifications in several industries, including the police.




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