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The GCSE PE FULL COURSE is offered to students who have demonstrated a high level of proficiency and application in PE throughout Key Stage 3 (no short course is available).


Why study Physical Education?

Physical Education is ideal for those people interested in sports and games. It will enable them to gain an examination qualification in an activity which is (40%) practical and that they enjoy. The majority of the final mark (60%) is based on the theory of PE and sport. The theory component enables students to study the body and the reasons that we move as we do. Students will also learn how we can improve our health and fitness in order to improve our sporting performance, and why we participate in certain activities.


What is involved?

GCSE Physical Education students have to be talented, dedicated to hard work and improving their skills, interested in a variety of sports and knowledgeable about the theoretical aspects of physical activity.
• Students must be able to perform at a high level in at least three different sports (one individual activity, one team sport and one other: either individual activity or team game (30% of qualification).
• Students must be able to apply the theory aspects of the course to their practical performances.
• Students will complete a Personal Exercise Plan coursework which combines theoretical and practical knowledge and application (10% of qualification).



Mrs Eleanor Silverwood

Head of Physical Education

Eleanor graduated from The University of Kent in 1999 with a BA (hons) in Sports Science & Art. Following this she went on to complete a PGCE in Secondary Physical Education. Eleanor has taught in the UK, Thailand and Singapore and held responsibility positions as Head of department, Senior Head of Faculty, Director of Sport and Assistant Principal.


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