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Why study ICT?

The IGCSE ICT qualification is ideal for anybody who is remotely interested in the field of ICT. It will give a firm grounding in the fundamental concepts of ICT. Career opportunities vary from being a network manager, systems analyst, programmer, database administrator, web designer, software engineer, business analyst to an ICT teacher/lecturer. All students undertaking this particular course need not be naturally gifted at ICT. However, a high degree of commitment and enthusiasm will be required throughout the duration of this course.


Why study Computer Science

Computer Science is a demanding but rewarding course. It is best suited to students who have enjoyed the Computer Science and Programming aspects of the KS3 curriculum. It is also suited to students who are willing to challenge themselves or want to learn programming and how the insides of a computer operate. Through the study of Computer Science students will be able to develop computational thinking skills, problem solving and develop skills in a high level programming language. Computer Science is about delving deeper into the fundamentals of Computers, both from a hardware and software perspective. In a world increasingly reliant on apps and automated systems, it is imperative that students learn about algorithms and software, allowing students to be more than users and to instead become creators of these systems.



Mr Iqbal Munshi

Head of Computer Science and ICT

Since graduating in 1996 Iqbal has worked in various schools in the UK and Dubai. Iqbal joined Jumeirah College in 2001. Making him one of the longest serving members of staff at Jumeirah College. Iqbal’s long standing commitment to Jumeirah College is something he takes great pride in.


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