Students will be offered two different pathways within Mathematics at GCSE. There are four lessons on the timetable per week devoted to Mathematics. The appropriate pathway is selected for each student, depending on their own individual progress and achievement in previous years.

Students who successfully completed the course in the Express groups in Year 8 by achieving a secure Level 8 will follow Pathway A in Key Stage 4, and will already have completed the first year of the GCSE course by the end of Key Stage 3. This involves the completion of GCSE Mathematics in the summer of Year 10 and GCSE Further Mathematics in the summer of Year 11. This is a more challenging GCSE qualification which prepares them for both A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Therefore they will gain two mathematically based GCSEs overall. 

All other students will follow Pathway B, completing GCSE Mathematics only over Years 10 and 11, sitting the examination in the summer of Year 11. This route does not in any way preclude pupils from studying either A Level Mathematics or Further Mathematics.

The vast majority of our students will sit the Higher Tier papers, aiming to achieve a grade 6 to 9. A small number of students will be entered for the Foundation Tier papers, aiming to achieve a grade 4 or 5.

How will I be assessed?

• Three written papers at the end of the course: one non-calculator paper and two calculator papers, each contributing a third to the final grade
• Foundation (grades 1-5) and Higher (grades 4-9) Tier papers available
• Each paper is 1 hour 30 minutes
• 80 marks on each paper



Mr Preetesh Tank

Head of Mathematics

Preetesh graduated in 2010, with an BEng in electrical and electronic engineering from Loughborough University, before pursuing a career in teaching. He successfully completed a GTP in Secondary Math’s Teaching the following year.


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