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Why study Business Studies?

Students will study the relationship between business activity and the changing environment within which it takes place, the structure, organisation and control of the main forms of business and business management in a competitive environment.

Business Studies is linked to Economics, where topics overlap in some areas so they can therefore form a good course combination. Business Studies combines well with a range of social sciences, humanities and mathematics to lead to university subjects in such areas as business, economics, law and accountancy.

Although it is important to stress that Business Studies GCSE is not essential for further study in Business Studies or a career in business it is an extremely useful foundation in the skills needed in the business world. Looking to the future you can start a career in business armed with an excellent knowledge of how businesses operate. In particular you will a have a head start in careers within accountancy, marketing and human resources.

What is involved?

The main course topics are:
• Businesses in the real world
• Influences on business
• Business operations
• Human resources
• Marketing
• Finance



Mr Nathan De Garis

Head of Business Department

Nathan holds a Joint Honours Degree from University of Kent where he read Business Studies and Applied Social Sciences.  He also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Christ Church College.  Nathan originally completed a PGCE in Post Compulsory Education at Christ Church College and was set on a course for college and university lecturing.  However he converted to a Graduate Teacher Program (GTP) to teach in the secondary schools sector and has done so now for some 17 years.  


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