Design and Technology




Students must have an interest/passion in designing and making things. This course encourages extensive use of designing, testing, planning, materials, prototyping, CADCAM, analysis, evaluation and graphic communication to present a design solution for a given situation or problem.

All design-related career choices will benefit from having a GCSE in Design and Technology because of the opportunity to explore, share and analyse ideas to a sophisticated level. Employers and universities alike view Design and Technology as invaluable in terms of exposing students to a problem-solving approach in design which is an essential skill for any serious designer.

This subject can lead into A level Product Design, a very useful qualification to access many degree courses including design, engineering and material science. Indeed many students at Jumeirah College who have studied A level Product Design are now currently studying interior design, graphic product innovation, mechanical, chemical, electrical, civil and sports engineering, architecture, product design and materials’ science to name but a few.



Mr Graham Parkin

Head of Design and Technology

After working as a Design and Technology teacher in the UK for 9 years Graham joined Jumeirah College in 2015 as Head of Department, he worked previously as KS3 and college coordinator at the same secondary school he attended as a student, in the North East of the England.


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