The Joys of Competing

Shrey Sureen joined Jumeirah College in Year 9 after moving to Dubai from England. His love of music and maths has seen him take full advantage of school opportunities to participate in a variety of competitions

“The Music Department has had a big influence on me. When I first joined the school, I participated in the choir for the first time and had lots of opportunities to perform at various venues – everything from hotel opening ceremonies to Christmas celebrations at IMG Worlds of Adventure. The school also helped us take part in the annual GEMS Young Musician of the Year competition in Dubai, where we received feedback and the opportunity to perform in front of judges, which was a great experience.”

“Later, in Year 12, the school organised a trip to Bahrain to play in the Young Musicians of the Gulf contest, where we had the incredible experience of performing as soloists and as a group. I only managed to make it to the second round, but all the feedback I received and the activities we participated in made the trip worth it.

“Maths at Jumeirah College has helped me develop as a mathematician and team player. I have participated in maths competitions throughout Dubai, and there have been plenty of opportunities to help teach younger students advanced concepts, which helped me to better understand them. The school also organises external maths exams such as the UKMT and Euclid challenges, which have the added benefit of being recognised by universities.”


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