Al Kiraam Al Bararaah

Al Kiraam Al Bararaah

We, as Jumeirah College, recognize the importance of Quran as part of the Emirati Culture. Moreover, we are aware that every Muslim family is keen on sending their child to a Quran school at some point. Therefore, we supported this event this year, and will support it in the upcoming years.

Rob Kesterton


Kaleej Times

Jumeirah College has hosted a highly prestigious competition this year, the Al Kiraam Al Bararaah Competition, Quran competition, with forty-five schools in attendance from across Dubai. Students participating in the competition come from primary schools, secondary schools and even Post 16. Next year, we are looking forward to targeting all UAE schools.

Today, we are holding this event recognising the top ten winning students who were previously selected by external judges from the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai, along with the best-performing students from each of the participating schools. Her Highness Sheikha Fatema Bint Hasher Bin Dalmouk Al-Maktom is presenting the awards as a gesture of support from her Highness to such important events.

Our vision in the next round is to target all Emirates schools, the government schools as well as the private ones. This is derived from HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid’s vision. This initiative is one of thousands, if not millions, of brilliant ideas that His Highness built Dubai upon.

We would like to congratulate Taha Ali Hussein from The National Charity School for winning the first place. He deserves it.”

Mr Nabhan 

Head of Arabic A & Islamic Education 

Event Coordinator


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