Jumeirah College placed in the top 1% of schools worldwide

Value Added is a means of comparing GCSE and A Level results achieved by students at Jumeirah College with results achieved by candidates of a similar ability at other schools.

To assess Value Added, all pupils take a baseline assessment. This is a computer-based, adaptive test taken at the start of their schooling with us and re-administered at key points in their education, to ensure the data is current. The results of each student’s assessment are held on an international database alongside the results of all other students who have taken the baseline tests. This therefore provides an objective analysis of all schools’ results.

It is then possible to compare the GCSE and A Level results that a student at Jumeirah College achieved with the results that a student with an identical baseline score achieved in other schools. If the Jumeirah College results are higher than at other schools, Jumeirah College is said to have added value to the student’s GCSE and A Level results.

The 2019 Value Added results show that …

  • Jumeirah College attained the top percentile for Value Added at GCSE in 2020. This means that at no other school would the students have had a better chance of attaining their target grades. Indeed, the ALPS score of 1.2 is evidence that a student who scored 10Bs at a competitor school would achieve 5 A*s and 5As at Jumeirah College. 
  • At A Level, the results were just as impressive with Jumeirah College placed in the top 1% of schools worldwide, again indicating that we are maximising our students’ chances of success. 


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