House System

As well as being a part of the Jumeirah College community, each student is a member of one of our four Houses: Fihri (green), Majid (yellow), Gibran (blue) and Sina (red). In each year group 7-11, there are two equal halves to the cohort, each with a form group for each House.

Fihri (Green)

Gibran (Blue)

Majid (Yellow)

Sina (Red)


House Captains

The House Captains are Year 13 students by appointment, following a rigorous selection process. In each year group there are also House Representatives who work with the House Captains to coordinate whole College events as well as their own year group specific events. Each house has a staff leader called the Head of House, who is responsible for the organisation and programme of events across the academic year. In addition to Year and Whole College assemblies, regular house assemblies take place each term coordinated by the student leaders.

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