Tuition Fees

Convenient, structured payments for an outstanding education

Enrolment-related Fees

New Students:

Application fee:

AED 500 exclusive of VAT, payable at the time of applying for entry into the school (the fee. the following terms and conditions apply:

  • Refundable if the school does not offer the student a place. Unless, the child's registration is carried forward to the following academic.
  • Non-refundable if the school offers the student a place but the student decides not to take it.
  • Not deductible from the total tuition fees to be paid if the student is offered and accepts place. 

Registration Deposit : 

A registration deposit of 10% of the total tuition fee will also be due upon the acceptance of the Offer Letter. The Admission fee is non-refundable but adjustable against the total tuition fee for the academic year.

Existing Students:

Re-registration Deposit:

this deposit is payable at the time of re-enrollment to guarantee a place for the following academic year. The re-registration deposit is 5% of the total tuition fees and is deductible from the total tuition fees for the academic year. Please note this is a non-refundable deposit.

Fee Structure for Academic Year 2019-2020*


Annual Fee


Term Fees

Sept 2019 (AED)

Term Fees

Jan 2020 (AED)

Term Fees

April 2020 (AED)

7 72,988 29,196 21,896 21,896
8 72,988 29,196 21,896 21,896
9 72,988 29,196 21,896 21,896
10 82,112 32,846 24,633 24,633
11 82,112 32,846 24,633 24,633
12 91,235 36,495 27,370 27,370
13 91,235 36,495 27,370 27,370

Tuition fees are paid termly and in advance.

Additional fees are payable, which include providing for uniform, educational visits and learning support needs, if such individual needs are identified by the Jumeirah College Support for Learning Department, Examination and Transport fees are invoiced separately.

The above fee structure is for 2019/2020 academic years and no decision has been taken for the forth coming years’.

*Please note that fees are subject to change in consultation with the Ministry of Education.

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