Key Stage 3 at JCD

Key Stage 3

Jumeirah College offers The National Curriculum for England taught by fully qualified and experienced staff. The school has earned a deserved reputation for high academic standards and students at all levels have earned high marks in external assessment tests and exams.
Students in Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9) are prepared for the Key Stage SATs, GCSE examinations, AS and A2 levels and ultimately for universities of their choice. Whilst maintaining a sharp academic focus at Jumeirah College, we develop well-rounded students who are prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.
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  • KS3 Key Elements

    Our Key Stage 3 programme includes a balanced and varied curriculum that focuses on skill development for life-long learners who are not just prepared for external qualifications, but for the challenges of the world. Our KS3 curriculum is designed to provide every single pupil with the skills they need to succeed.

  • KS3 Subjects

    The compulsory National Curriculum for England subjects are: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages, Design & Technology, Art and Design. Music, Physical Education and Computing. In addition, Arabic, Islamic Education, Moral Studies and Social Studies are included as per Ministry of Education requirements.

  • Assessment & Exams

    The Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) is an IQ assessment to help students and their teachers understand their academic potential based on how each student thinks. CAT4 provides us with a guide to objectives; generating targets per subject for the end of Key Stage 3 and GCSE. We use these targets as a starting point for students to outperform. At this point teachers will raise the target grades to reflect the student’s accelerated performance.

  • Homework

    At Jumeirah College, we ensure that homework is set to a manageable level, whilst still giving teachers the flexibility to set what is purposeful and appropriate.

    KS3 Homework is set to be purposeful and must support:

    • Independent learning
    • Extending learning
    • Consolidating learning
    • Informed and involved parents
    • Lesson preparation
    • Manageable demands

    No homework is set for the following day, unless for preparation purposes and all homework is provided with feedback by a peer or teacher.

  • Skills Development 

    The National Curriculum and exam specifications are largely content driven, but lifelong learning skills are the primary purpose of an effective education system.

    Our Learning Skills programme focuses on our areas of strength, and those for development, using a cohesive approach and collective language. Developed using IB ATL Skills and our own JC Skills, we promote these in a subtle but impactful way; embedding the attributes inherently in to KS3 learning.

  • Career Counselling

    The Jumeirah College careers programme enables students to be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to make confident, informed and reasoned decisions about their future. During KS3, students write careers letters to their future selves, participate in ‘Go to Work with a Parent’ Day and undergo a sequence of events, including careers and options evenings.

    Jumeirah College provides presentations from a range of industry professionals in preparation for GCSE and Sixth Form. KS3 students also research career ideas, select potential Higher Education institutions and learn to write personal statements.

  • Extra-Curricular Activities

    Our enriched activity programme has expanded, with staff bringing their own skills and talents to an already wide and varied list of activities. Through these activities, JC students learn new skills, build on existing ones and interact with students and staff in a different environment. All students participate in at least two clubs or activities each term.

    Currently, sports ECAs include Netball, Rugby, Badminton, Swimming, Running, Cricket, Football, Athletics, Table Tennis, Duathlon, Tennis, Trampolining and Crossfit.

    Non-sport ECAs include Technology, Media, French, Poetry, Singing, Model United Nations, Orchestra, Art, Digital Art, Drama, Photography, Dance, Reading, Textiles, Spanish, Maths, Science, Arabic, Rock Climbing, Debating, Sailing and Pilates.



  • Do we set in Maths?

    Yes. We baseline test in Year 7 and beyond that the sets are adjusted based on continuous Teacher assessment.

  • Are there core textbooks for Maths?

    Yes both physical and digital. There is also a separate workbook focused on problem solving exercises.

  • Is homework set in Maths?

    Yes, as per the college policy. Once a week, set online. Optional revision homework may also be set by the teacher.

  • Is an Accelerated option available?

    No. We no longer offer the early entry GCSE. For several reasons. However, the more capable mathematicians are enriched in their learning and access more challenging problems or go deeper into certain topics. This approach is designed to better prepare students for A Level. We are currently researching a qualification to sit alongside the GCSE Mathematics for these most able students.

  • Do we set in Science?

    Not in Year 7, but yes in Years 8-11.

  • Are there core textbooks for Science?

    Yes online. Kerboodle provides access to textbooks alongside an online learning platform

  • Is homework set in Science?

    Yes, as per the college policy. Plus there is always additional work available via Google Classroom.

  • Is Triple Science GCSE available to everyone?

    No. There is an entry requirement of a 7b at the end of KS3. The majority of our students exceed a 7b.

  • Is there a published Curriculum Plan for Science?

    Yes. Published for the KS3 in Year 7.

  • Do we set in English?


  • Are there core textbooks for English?

    No. There are class readers for all students, selected by the subject teacher, therefore not common to all. These are physical fiction texts.

  • Is homework set in English?

    Yes, as per the college policy. Generally fortnightly. Reading is an additional expectation.

  • How are students prepared for assessments?

    Assessments are communicated beforehand and preparation is done in lessons.

  • How can I help my child with literacy?

    Read with them. Fiction and non-fiction. Look for meaning. Look beyond the surface features. Analyse the value of media.

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