Mr Genesco Dela Cruz

Head of Computer Science & ICT

Genesco Dela Cruz is a dynamic and forward-thinking Computer Science professional committed to advancing education through innovation and technology. Currently serving as the Head of Department for ICT, Computer Science and Robotics and Innovation Coordinator at Jumeirah College, Genesco has consistently demonstrated dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and leveraging his skills to create transformative solutions.

Genesco embarked on his teaching journey in 2008, specializing in Street Dance. As an instructor, he honed diverse approaches to imparting routines and choreography across various different styles and proficiency levels. This experience ignited a passion for teaching, prompting Genesco to pursue a teaching qualification. In 2012, he commenced his studies in ICT & Computer Science, ultimately earning a Post Graduate Certification in Education and achieving qualified teacher status in the UK.

Following his initial teaching experience, Genesco dedicated the subsequent four years to instructing in London, UK. During this time, he held the roles of Teacher of ICT & Computer Science and KS3 Coordinator. In 2016, he made the decision to relocate to the UAE, Dubai.

Before taking on the Head of Department position in 2023, Genesco played a pivotal role of leading and developing Computer Science by introducing effective resources, strategies, and techniques for delivering the subject successfully.

His proficiency in managing timelines ensured that the content is taught accurately and efficiently, fostering a conducive learning environment.

In 2019, Genesco was appointed Innovation Coordinator and founded “The Student Innovation Team”. This provided students with leadership opportunities and collaborative efforts to develop innovative solutions for school-related issues. Some notable projects include the creation of a Leaderboard scoring system for Sports Day, a Library booking system, and JC Daily website.

Furthermore, driven by a desire to provide a dedicated space for fostering student creativity, Genesco initiated the creation of "The Innovation Journal." This platform serves as a dynamic showcase to celebrate and nurture students' achievements, ideas, and critical thinking skills, allowing their innovative endeavors to shine brightly.

Genesco's technical skills extend beyond the classroom, encompassing drone building and racing, videography, and photography.

With a drone license, he takes his passion for drones to new heights, blending a love for technology with a flair for aerial exploration.

Genesco's diverse interests range from basketball, football, gaming, stocks and crypto trading, showcasing his versatility and adaptability beyond his subject.

Genesco Dela Cruz is more than an educator; he is a visionary, and a problem solver dedicated to enhancing students' learning, progress, and attainment combining technological expertise with a commitment to shaping the future of education. His multifaceted skills and passion for technology and innovation make him a standout professional in the education and technology landscape.

Genesco Dela Cruz

BSc Computer Science

Head of ICT, Computer Science & Robotics

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