Ms Shona Pountain

Head of Geography

Shona studied Geography at the University of Wolverhampton and specialised in areas such as Medical Geography, Aerial Archeology, Earth Science, Urbanisation and Population. Shona went on to complete her dissertation on the regeneration of Coventry. 

After her Undergraduate Degree, Shona gained a place at UCL to study for her Masters degree in Urban Development Planning, which explored issues surrounding the legality of informal settlements and subsequent plans for upgrading these settlements. As part of her Masters Degree, she worked with the Egyptian Government to investigate the role of the Zabaleen; the only waste collectors in the city of Cairo at the time and how the introduction of a formal waste management scheme would impact them. 

After her Masters Degree, Shona took up employment working for the Department of the Environments and Rural Affairs; a branch of the UK Government; working in their Parliamentary Branch, specially working on the answering of Parliamentary questions and weekly Prime Minister's question time. 

Shona decided to train as a teacher in 2002 and worked at State and Grammar Schools in a variety of roles from Head of Post 16 to Community Principal; overseeing the attainment and pastoral welfare of over 500 children. She joined the JC community in 2018, where she is currently Subject Leader for Geography.

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