Examination Results

Records have been broken, yet again, at Jumeirah College for the Academic Year 2018-2019. Earlier this year the school was awarded HPL World Class School status – and these results very much endorse this recognition. In over 420 examinations 16% were at A* and 47% were at A* or A grade. There were 140 students in our cohort and 30 of these gained all A* or A grades. 83 students (59%) gained all A*-B grades. Principal of Jumeirah College, Simon O’Connor, said "Fundamental to our school is the understanding that all students have the potential to achieve the highest grades and, yet again, these results demonstrate this to be the case. The students have done wonderfully – far exceeding expectations that would be placed on them elsewhere. This reflects years of hard work from both the students and their teachers, who work tirelessly to support each individual. I am so grateful for all that the staff at the school do, and I know the students are too".