Experience at UN event

Thomas & Manan 

We were lucky to be given the opportunity by the United Nations and Jumeirah College to give a presentation at the UN water conference. We learned a lot about the different problems different countries face. It was also really inspiring and educational to see the ideas of students from schools around the world.

So far our experience with the Eco Committee has been great. We’ve worked a lot on our presentation with the United Nations and have been doing a lot of research on our idea of water conservation. Some of the topics we had to research were:

  • The climate in the UAE

  • The average rainfall per month (in mm) in the UAE in comparison with places like New York.

  • Mountain protection in the UAE (a big part of the conference which is linked very well with water conservation in the UAE as its one of the few natural sources of freshwater UAE has)

  • How the UAE gets its water: desalination, costs of desalination and environmental impacts.

  • Future issues the UAE could face, such as a growing population, greater demand for water, more desalination and therefore more carbon emissions etc.


  • Toilet flush drive (our project):

    • Found out how many students there are in the school, staff and toilets. 

    • How much water each flush uses (6 litres)

    • How many times each person goes to the toilet and how much water that uses in a day - 18,000 litres.

    • How many litres our idea will be saved per day:

      • 1 litre will be saved with each flush and on average 3,000 litres will be saved daily which is 60,000 litres saved a month.



Water conservation is something me and my peers are really concerned yet driven about, as during our research stage we went beyond the UAE and looked at why water conservation is so important for other countries. After seeing how so many families around the world don’t have clean water to drink or to bathe simply because there isn’t enough due to the climate crisis, we were all the more passionate about the conference and our project.

Children and youth are the future guardians of our planet, and our voices and ideas are crucial in shaping a sustainable future. The conference provided a platform for young people to share their views, experiences, and innovative solutions on water-related issues and how they can contribute to achieving sustainable development goals. Secondly, water is a vital resource that sustains all life on the planet. Access to clean and safe water is crucial for human health, economic development, and environmental sustainability. Overall, the conference provided a platform for young people to participate in shaping our future, raising awareness about the importance of water for sustainable development. I really enjoyed being part of this conference as I was able to communicate with other schools around the world and listen to their innovative ideas to reduce our water consumption. This was really helpful for me as Dubai is heavily dependent on desalination to get its water, and by hearing the ideas of other students around the globe, it motivated me to work harder on this project as I felt like I was part of a team.

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