Mrs Asmaa Rousdy

Head of Arabic and Islamic Education

Asmaa graduated from the University of Alexandria with a BA in Arabic literature. She has been teaching in international schools in the UAE for ten years. Asmaa is now working in completing her Master’s degree in “Educational Leadership and management” with the University of Nottingham, UK.  She has one son at the college and two children at Jumeirah Primary School.

Asmaa joined Jumeirah College in 2015 with a strong desire to provide all students with an excellent experience in learning the Arabic language. She was delighted to become Head of Arabic and Islamic in 2018. Her vision for the department at Jumeirah College is that at the heart of every student’s learning in Arabic there should be inspiring, enjoyable, engaging classroom experiences. Students should be motivated by their passion for the subject and the enthusiasm created by their teachers. This interest should be fostered by creating innovative, real life contexts in which the students can move towards real independence in their learning.

Meet Our Team

Energetic and innovative, our team of teachers have a proven track record of motivating students to progress and work to their best levels.

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